The Weekender Republic (TWR) talent show is born out of the recognition that African creative talent, which goes beyond writing and publishing, is not properly harnessed and showcased. We believe that local talent should be explored, and TWR is ready to provide the platform for this talent to flourish.

The talent show could include, but not limited to, stage drama, singing and dance, book reading, spoken-word poetry, and short art and cultural documentaries. These creative works could be produced or directed by TWR or its partners or by other interested creatives.

Every week, we publish two to three of these videos as podcasts in our website. We consider works from African continent and beyond, as long as they have good African themes.

The sourcing and production of these visual contents and the remuneration of their creators are not easy. And just as we are dedicated to the publication of quality magazine and blog, we will also do so in producing quality video podcasts for your viewing pleasure.

To find out how you can contribute to our talent show and podcasts, email us via: The subject of your email should be ‘TWR Talent Show’.

To find out how you can donate or support our talent show or our other programmes, and the benefit you stand enjoy, email us at