The Weekender Republic (TWR) believes that a book reading club is a fun way to socialise, make friends with common interests, and discover talents. In view of this, TWR has found ways of combining book club and reading club into one simple and fascinating club—the book reading club.

In our club, which holds every week, members agree on specific articles from the TWR magazine, other magazines and books to read. Each week, apart from the general reading, some club members read some selected articles from the TWR magazine to the public, which is videoed and published in our website and other mediums.
The maximum size of the club is twenty people, and we accept new members three times in a year within the windows of January, May and September.

To find out how you can be a member of our book reading club, email us via: The subject of your email should be ‘TWR Book Reading Club’.

To find out how you can donate or support our book reading club or our other programmes, and the benefits you stand to enjoy, email us via: