What is your story?

The Weekender Republic (TWR) magazine is longing for stories that encapsulate human experience, and yet have not been told. This is the right place to tell it.

We are interested in work/stories from Africa and the diaspora.

For fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cartoon, and photography submissions, our submission windows are as follow: 1 September – 31 October; 1 January – 31 February; and 1 May – 30 June. Their submissions are made through our submission portal.

For interview, profile, Teens Write, and opinion submissions, our submission window is open all year round. However, Teens Write submissions are made through our Teens Write submission portal.

Please, take your time to explore the content of our magazine (print or online) in order to get an understanding of the kind of work or stories we publish before submitting our work.

We are only interested in original, previously unpublished works. Works that have appeared in any blog, print or online, are not welcome. We also do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Your work should be properly formatted and paginated. We recommend the following formatting style (1.5 line-spacing, l2pt font size, Times New Romans font face, A4 paper size, justified text alignment). Poems should be left-aligned.

For stories, we only accept Microsoft (MS) Word documents (unless otherwise stated). The header of the document should contain your name and the title of your work.

Please, feel free to attach your photograph while making your submission. Also include your bio, while making your submission, which should not exceed 20 words.

For profile and interview (1800 – 2000 words), pitch us via: spotlight@weekenderrepublic.com.  Please, note that we do not publish interviews and profiles that read like public relations or advertorials. In your pitch, tell us about who you want to interview or write their profile and the possible questions or angle you want to approach the interview or profile from. Please, also include your name, address and bio in your pitch.

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cartoon and photography submissions should be submitted through our submission portal.

For fiction (3200 – 3500 words); and for nonfiction (2700 – 3000 words)

For poetry (two poems in one document. Each poem should be between 20 – 25 lines).

For cartoon and art/photography (one artwork per submission, JPEG/PNG files only). The artwork should be 5.4” x 5.0” inches in size. Use 10 – 15 words to describe your cartoon. On the other hand, use 40 – 50 words to describe or explain your photography/artwork.

For the monthly themed Teens Write submission (creative nonfiction/essay for teenagers, 900 – 1000 words), click here for guidelines and for information on how to submit your work.

For Letters to the Editor, (150 – 200 words), submit in the body of the email via: letters@weekenderrepublic.com. Include your name, address and phone number in the email. Letters are strictly based on publications from the magazine, may be edited for clarity. In your letter, indicate the title of the article you are commenting on and its date of publication (e.g. ‘Make my heart your home’, 14th October,).

For opinion pieces—mostly topical art, literature, cultural and entertainment issues, (800 – 1000 words)—submit in the body of the email via:  opinion@weekenderrepublic.com. Include your name, address and phone number in the email.

We regret that, at this moment, we may not be able to pay our valuable contributors. However, in the nearest feature, we would be able to pay. But, in the meantime, we would ensure your work gets a wider, if not a global, readership that it rightly deserves.

Please, note that upon publication of your work by the magazine, you are giving TWR the exclusive right to publish your work in any form and medium known now or that will exist in the future. Also note that the magazine, its parent company or staff is not responsible for any copyright infringement of work submitted to TWR.

All rights revert to the author upon publication. However, we do request that if you choose to publish your work elsewhere, the TWR magazine should be properly acknowledged as the original publisher.

For more enquires on submissions, email us via: submissions@weekenderrepublic.com.