We have tried to answer many of your anticipated questions below. If you have other questions for us, please let us know using the contact information at the end of this page,

What is The Weekender Republic (TWR) magazine?
The TWR magazine is a weekly magazine that publishes literary, artwork, and commentary contents.

Who publishes the magazine?
The TWR magazine is published by Alumona Media Limited, an independent media company based in Nigeria.

Who writes for the magazine?
Anybody can submit their work or stories to the magazine.

What kind of stories is the magazine looking for?
We seek works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interview, profile, cartoon and art/photography. We also seek opinion pieces on topical literary, art, cultural and entertainment issues.

Does the magazine pay its contributors?
We regret that, at this moment, we may not be able to pay our valuable contributors. However, in the nearest future, we would be able to pay a modest fee for most of the stories we publish.

How do I submit to the magazine?
We have an automated system and email addresses through which you can send us your work or story. It will send our editors your story, and email you a confirmation that it has been received.

Where can I find the magazine?
You can find the magazine on newsstands in major towns and cities in Nigeria or at www.weekenderrepublic.com. If you subscribe to the digital version of the magazine, it will be delivered to your email every week.



Why should I subscribe to the magazine when I can read the stories online for free?
We want everyone to have access to our stories, so we put all our contents online for free. On the other hand, you should subscribe to our digital edition to get all the stories, adverts and more for your convenience and for archival purposes.

Who can I talk to about my subscription?
If you want to subscribe, click here or email subscription@weekenderrepublic.com or call +2348160007465.



Why does TWR organise literary programmes?
We organise literary programmes because we believe that storytelling goes beyond just magazine and blog publications. There are stories, life, and experiences in other forms of arts such as book reading club, talent show, and symposium programmes.

Which kind of programmes does TWR organise?
TWR organises four literary programmes, and they are the weekly book reading club, the weekly talent show, an annual literary prize, and an annual art symposium.

Do you run internship programmes?
We do, sometimes. When we need interns, we will announce it via our website, newsletter, or social media platforms.


Does the magazine accept advertisement?
Of course, we do! We advertise in print, and also online through our website on a weekly basis. If you want to find out more, and maybe advertise with us, you can check out our magazine adverts rates.

How can I support TWR programmes?
We highly welcome supporters, partners, donours, benefactors and other art lovers to support our programmes. Your support goes a long way in supporting what we do. To find out more on how you can support our programmes, click here.

How can I donate to TWR?
There are two easy ways you can support the work we do. If you want to donate, which we really encourage you to do, click here.

Other questions?
If there is anything else you would like to know about the magazine, let us know via: contact@weekenderrepublic.com.