The Weekender Republic (TWR) blog, an extension of The Weekender Republic (TWR) magazine, is created to accommodate the never-ending African voices and stories that cannot be traditionally classified into fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interview, artwork, etc.

Every week, in print and online, the blog will soon be publishing contents such as news stories, news features on books and reviews, music and movies, arts and culture, tech and media, and commentaries. It will also publish short personal stories from women and Africans in the diaspora.

We are pleased to inform our future writers, advertisers, readers, partners, and supporters that we will soon be accepting submissions for all sections of the blog, and writers from anywhere in the world can submit their stories to us without any submission charges. Submissions are made through our submission page.

Also, we are pleased to inform you that in a few months, we will be publishing the best of African literary and entertainment contents. You can read our publications online through our website or through the print version of the biog.

As a weekly publication that organises literary programmes, such as book reading club, talent show, literary prize, and symposium, some of the ways we will sustain our work are through advertisements, subscriptions, support and donations. Please, check our advert, support and subscription pages for more information on how you can support our work.

Our print and online Afrocentric magazine, The Weekender Republic (TWR) magazine, will soon be publishing the finest of fiction, nonfiction, interview, profile, poetry, cartoon, photography, and commentary articles.

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