The Weekender Republic (TWR) magazine publishes the finest literary content in forms of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, interview, profile, and commentary. It is a hub where writers and readers of all tastes and passion converge to communicate and share their work.

The magazine explores the various ways in which literature connects local and global issues, and provides opportunity and innovative ways to educate and entertain its audience. We are dedicated to covering every aspect of writing that defines and shapes our lives.

Apart from our publication engagements, we also organise weekly literary programmes such as book reading club and talent show whose videos could be downloaded from our website. We also organise an annual literary prize and an annual symposium.

Because we are dedicated to publishing quality content and remunerate our contributors for their work, we seek ways of supporting our work. We do this through adverts, subscriptions and the beneficence of our supporters.

Simply put, African literary milieu is rapidly changing with time and narrative, and the TWR magazine is an innovative medium that is designed to help you adapt to these changes and realities.